American Judaism is changing before our eyes.

What we once considered as Jewish just a generation ago is no longer relevant. The synagogues we once grew up in have vastly changed and the Judaism taught in those places has changed along with it. Birthright, for example, one of the most successful initiatives of the American Jewish community, accepts young people from marriages that would have been considered an abomination just 20 to 30 years ago and in the process, has come to redefine and recreate a newer definition of Judaism running less along bloodlines, and more about inclusion and engagement.

We at Lerhaus Newshul continue to partner with other Jewish institutions and synagogues, especially those defined by their warmth and their openness. Our reach extends across the country and in some cases around the world (Greece, England, France and Israel and even New Jersey). We are hoping to learn from the best that the Jewish community has to offer and to join hands with you in refashioning the community moving forward.

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We hope you will study with us, pray and serve with us, in order to create a new way forward for us and the Jewish community as a whole.

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Become a member/partner of Lerhaus Newshul. Everyone is welcome to be with us for everything and no one will ever feel turned away.

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This section will be regularly updated to include the materials from recent weeks gatherings, including Torah Study.

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Our organization is funded via donations received from our members/friends. Our future depends on it.

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